Pancakes with strawberry 360g

Pancakes with chocolate 360g

Pancakes with cherry 360g

French Fries Straight Cut 900g

French Fries Crinkle Cut 900g

Baguette Snack MaxTop Ham 195g

Baguette Snack MaxTop Champignos 195g

Pizza Snack Champignos 180g

Pizza Snack Ham&Champignos 180g

Pizza Gustavo 4 Cheese 335g

Pizza Gustavo Salami 380g

Pizza Gustavo Ham&Mushroom 425g

Pizza Gustavo Ham 410g

Pizza Rossa Ham&Pineapple 355g

Pizza Rossa Salami 320g

Pizza Rossa Mushroom 340g

Pizza Rossa Ham&Mushrooms 320g

Pizza Rossa 4 Cheese 300g

Pizza Domana Ham&Mushrooms 305g

Pizza Domana Salami 305g

Pizza Domana Mushrooms 305g

Pizza Burger Ham 2x154g