Pizza Snack with Mushroom 140g

Garlic Baguette 100g

Mini Pizza Snack with Mushrooms 80g

Mini Roll with Cheese&Bacon 110g

Mini Roll with Cheese 90g

Mini Pizza with Ham 180g

Mini Pizza with Salami 180g

Baguette Snack Champignos 100g

Baguette Snack Champignos 150g

Baguette Snack MaxTop Champignos 195g

Snack a big slice with Champignos 235g

Snack at once with Champignos 140g

Baguette Salami 200g

Baguette Champignos 270g

Baguette Snack with Champignos 280g

Roasted Premium Champignos 250g

Roasted Premium 3 Cheeses 220g

Roasted Premium Ham&Pineapple 230g

Roasted Premium Mozarella&Tomato 230g

Pizza Max Ham&Mushrooms 1000g

Pizza Max Mushrooms 760g

Pizza Max Ham 760g

Pizza on Tray Champignos 250g

Pizza on Tray Ham 250g

Pizza Domana Ham&Mushroom 305g

Pizza Domana Salami 305g

Pizza Domana Mushrooms 305g