MAXTOP Sławków – Producer of frozen pizzas and French bread pizzas

Maxtop has been around for 25 years. It was established by three friends who in the early 1990s came up with an idea to produce frozen pizza. Over the years the company has broadened its product range including French bread pizzas and other products. Maxtop has constantly and systematically been getting new clients in Poland and abroad. We pride ourselves on selling our products in 37 countries in the world. What makes us stand out is the fact that we are a trustworthy, reliable and flexible company. Our experts constantly take on new challenges, focusing on the top quality of the product. Each potential client is provided with a set of complete information about and support when buying our products. Maxtop is an innovative company, ready to take on new challenges.

Maxtop, with its head office and manufacturing plant, is based in Sławków, ul. Fabryczna 10 (Silesian region).

Certificates and awards

Kawałek Pizzy


Designing our products we have always placed the prime focus on quality. We cannot imagine offering our clients something that we, ourselves, would not like to eat. That is why, we always keep in mind that the products we use are Polish. Having detailed information on the source our products come from, we can guarantee that they are top-quality.


The top quality of our products manifests itself in their taste which, itself, is a combination of many ingredients. We also care about the appearance of our products the best chefs are responsible for. Moreover, the packaging also entices customers to buy our products. Maxtop sees to it that the products come from reliable Polish suppliers, which shows our traditional approach to cooking. Our top-quality products are value for money.